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Frequently Asked Questions

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I am from GUJARATI/HINDI medium. I do not know English properly. Will I be able to achieve a high band score in IELTS?
If you have practiced English language in office, at home, with friends or at college on a regular basis and have had the habit of reading newspapers and books in English regularly, you have no reason to be afraid. You can definitely achieve a high band score
I only know to write and speak simple sentences. Will it be enough to get high band score?
No. IELTS expects the candidates to produce complex sentences using a range of tenses and vocabulary for a high band score. Only simple sentences will limit your band score. However, with practice, you can start forming complex sentences easily.
I have appeared for IELTS exams more than once. I am not getting the desired score. What should I do?
Try analyzing the answers or get your answers verified by an expert trainer. Follow the guidelines, tips and make necessary changes to upgrade your band score.
Can I memorize the answers and appear for the exam?
No. You will receive less band score if you produce memorized answers. Give your own answers and see that they are relevant to the question. Only generalize your answers where necessary. Bring in your own experience, your knowledge and real-world examples to achieve a high band score. Stick to the appropriate format and PRACTICE.
I am not comfortable with grammar and vocabulary. Will I be able to receive a high band score in IELTS exam?
No. IELTS is a test of language. An Upper-Intermediate or Advance level grammar and vocabulary are expected in your answers. Either you learn grammar and enrich your vocabulary before preparing for IELTS exam or expect a band score between 5.0 to 6.5 bands.
I wish to appear for the IELTS exams. How much time would it take to complete the course?
It totally depends upon the candidate’s previous knowledge of English language. Generally, three to four months could be sufficient to learn, practice and appear for the IELTS exam.
With whom should I register for the exam? With British Council or IDP?
It completely depends upon the candidate where s/he wishes to register for the IELTS exams. The individual choice will not make any difference in the level of quality of the exam.

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